Wake me up when September ends

24 Sep

This is a very busy month and finally I stopped travelling. I spent most of the time for preparing Microsoft Singapore Techdays, which will be held at Oct 13th. I was toying with Surface, Kinect, Windows Phone 7, Augmented Reality, NodeJS and more. As I said in email to my friends, “Happy Geeking” everyday. Below is the event detail, and using promo code DEV0100 for $20 off. Sadly this portal below will only go live next week, so we are using a temporary page for hosting the registration:

Update: portal supports at :

I was watching f8 this week as well. and i am on Facebook Timeline from developer mode. Interesting conference. 27 year old Mark delivered a very energetic show! Facebook is a platform with 800 million users. They don’t have to focus on growing their fans number anymore. It is wise that they see themselves as a Distribution Channel(I believe the biggest one in the world). All the information could flow through this platform and reach end users, by leveraging on Facebook applications. And that’s where they could get their platform monetized, by collecting tax from merchants, news publishers, or any information providers. I see a very promising future and nice work Facebook~

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Posted by on September 24, 2011 in Everything MS


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