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2011 Summer in Shanghai

Life is a journey. not the destination, but the scenery along the should be and the mood at the view.

This is one of my favorite places near where I stay in Shanghai. They serve nice salad and juice.

Shanghai Microsoft ZiZhu Campus. Where I worked for more than 2 months of time

The product I was working on for the past two months will be shipped via codeplex this week. It is not a big product and it won’t be like office that have millions of users. It’s just a small test tool for group of developers. But as the first step, it means a lot to me.

Building a great product needs patience. There are a lot of tradeoffs along the way. Every feature design stayed till the end must have a strong reason behind. As a program manager, you need to be good at discovering great feature design. But more importantly, you need to find a good way to sell your idea. You need to be able to listen to others, eat your words at any time or push a feature through with valid reason. I had the moment I couldn’t control my emotion when arguing for a feature. Or I couldn’t fall asleep in the middle of night for some of the feature decision.

At the end of day, when I took at the product, though its far from being perfect by this release, I know how it gets improved day by day, and became how it looked like today.

Few weeks ago, Hong Kong TVB project is over. We had great time for developing this product. After the last day, we were seating together, eating crab at 2 am and cheers with beers. Such a great pleasure to be in this team and meeting great people. I am honored.

Lastly, I couldn’t post photos on fb these days so i will post some photos here. With friends in Hong Kong.

–Right after I tot I will close this blog by the picture above, I ran into Samantha’s blog. One of the most amazing friends I have so far. Quote from her blog (The latest one updated on 2010.6) : …Riverside那间公寓是个神奇的地方,那里有特别好的朋友,特别适合跑步的小花园…

Because of reading her blog and adding this last paragraph, I am having the risk of missing my flight tonight. Airport, nice to see you again in a while. 🙂

Have a great evening everyone!

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Visiting Microsoft Shanghai R&D

It was two weeks of visit in Microsoft Shanghai R&D center. I will be officially enrolled in a Marco Polo program next month. It is a program allow employee to go to other region and experience a different role. My new role will be a Program Manager in a Dev Team. My attached team is part of Server and Tool Business Division in Microsoft.

This is Microsoft APAC R&D in Shanghai

I have visited here before  and has been to Shanghai several times. First day, by taking company bus, it was 40 minutes to reach Microsoft Zizhu Campus. I was kind of shocked, cause in Singapore, it usually takes me 15-20 minutes by taking subway. And most of time, I take cab to office for saving a few minutes. I guess I am really spoilt in Singapore. Second observation is that people work in dev team are quite young compared to people in subsidiary. I found someone younger than me in the team. It is not easy in subsidiary.

It was a AppWeek competition. Basically, we could use the dogfood(early version) of Windows Azure AppFabric, WF, WCF to build some application. My team chooses to build a music player hosted on the cloud. And my team name is mBox. My task is quite straight forward. I need to build UI for the application.

I chose HTML5 since it has audio element. I put music into Blub and streaming from it. After first day, my application starts running. I tried on iPhone and iPad. Truly impressive. I could see a music player appear in safari browser. More surprisingly, it will play in the background while I close the browser. And there is native control for the songs. Since Apple has already announced that it won’t support flash. I have to say that’s really a big draw for using HTMl5.

Prototype - cloud music player

Working in development team is truly very different. Maybe because I am new here, I don’t receive that many emails everyday so I could concentrate. It was really efficient for the past one week. I learnt a lot of things by doing and learning from my peers. More than half of the week I went off work around midnight.

Again, I am still quite irritated by the fact that I need to spend more than 1.5 hours on the road everyday, though there is internet 3G card provided. Shanghai is also quite expensive. I wonder whether people could be able to afford these high expense with local pay.

Sasha Bar in Shanghai

Most exciting part is actually weekend. I met up with Rong Rong and went to her hometown Jin Hua. She has a very happy family and her mom is very entertaining.

With Rong Rong in jin Hua

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